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We believe that learning should be in context, on topics that matter today and tomorrow. If we truly live in the Information Age, then our ability to synthesize and use information will determine our individual wellbeing and prosperity. That’s why our experts are designing courses on topics that matter everyday. From making sense of the news online to owning your personal or your organization’s digital privacy; Hive Mind Courses aim to improve your critical thinking capabilities and show you how to take control of your exposure online.

These modules are put together by experts and the link between each of them will enable the learner to shift their mindsets and gain a holistic Digital Media Literacy skill set necessary to build an online resilient self.

For Educators: Hive Mind Learning Space
Hive Mind Courses will be self-paced courses for learners to upskill their media literacy skills. For educators, we are creating an online learning space where trainers and educators can become contributors and extend their reach to new learners. The space will enable you to connect with other practitioners to share skills, best practices and more. We believe digital transformation is crucial for all trainers out there whose cohorts are shifting to online channels more every day.

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